Family Medicine Centers of South Carolina

Let our family take care of your family sm

Our Philosophy

In order to provide the best possible Primary Care for patients and their families, we pledge to be compassionate, comprehensive, committed, competent, and cost-effective.


We value a sincere, compassionate doctor-patient relationship. Our ultimate goal is to deliver outstanding medical service as your personal physician, who has come to know you and your family through years of caring.


The diversified training of our physicians and the broad range of services we offer enable you to get most of your Primary Care through our Practice. We arrange for prompt referral of problems which require special expertise or equipment, and we help coordinate your overall medical care with other providers.


We have made a long-term commitment to our patients in order to ensure a close working relationship and consistent medical follow-up year after year. Although we treat many acute problems every day, our main emphasis is Preventive Medicine. Our Practice isn’t an impersonal hospital clinic or urgent care center with revolving doctors. We’re here for you, and we’re here to stay!


Our physicians are all Board-Certified in Family Practice or other specialties, and are qualified to manage a broad range of clinical problems. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide superior health care. Your family doctor should be someone you can trust with your life!


We make every effort to evaluate and treat patients efficiently in the office rather than through expensive hospitals, emergency rooms and specialists. Most medical services are less costly at a Family Doctor’s office than elsewhere, and patients need sound guidance on when and how to use other health care providers.